HR-101: Minors on Campus Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus, EOC)

Author: Human Resources

Policy Summary

SUNY Morrisville assumes no responsibility for unaccompanied minors on college property.  A minor includes anyone under the age of 18 and not enrolled in a college course. This definition does not include dual-credit students as they are registered in on-campus courses.

To protect minor visitors and to avoid disruptions to campus courses and activities, minors must be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult. Supervision includes having a direct line of sight to the minor. Staff and faculty do not have a supervisory responsibility for the actions and behaviors of unaccompanied minors. At no time should a minor visitor, who is not participating in a sanctioned program on the college campus, be left in the care of a student or staff member who is not the immediate caretaker.

Additionally, children are not allowed in classrooms, laboratories and other instructional space. Exceptions to this policy may include those instances that children are invited into the classroom by the instructor for educational activities as necessitated by course outcomes. Other exceptions include those events that are organized by college personnel in which minors are invited as deemed appropriate for recruitment and educational purposes.

For any organized college activity in which minors are participating, it is expected that there are no disruptions to the event and that minors will be supervised by the responsible adult that has accompanied the minor.

Individuals in violation of this policy may be asked to leave campus property.

Infants under 30 days old, not accompanied by an immediate caregiver, are covered by New York State’s Abandoned Infant Protection Act.