AP.13.1 Scope

  1. For the purposes of this proposal, a grievance shall be a complaint of the following:
    1. A violation, misinterpretation or inequitable application of an academic rule, regulation, or policy of the college, school, or curriculum.
    2. Unfair or inequitable treatment by reason of any act or condition which is contrary to established policy or practice governing or affecting a student of this college.
    3. Prejudiced, capricious, or manifestly unjust academic evaluation.
  2. To facilitate this procedure the following general guidelines are provided:
    1. A grievance complaint must be initially presented within 21 calendar days of the alleged grievance excluding any intersession and/or vacation.
    2. A grievance complaint must be initiated by the individual affected.
    3. Any student may present a grievance complaint, subject to these guidelines.
    4. If any grievance complaint originates at the department level or higher, an informal settlement should be attempted at that level with subsequent appeals to be made in accordance with the procedures outlined below.