ADMIN-108: Confidentiality Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus, EOC)

Author: Vice President for Administration and Finance

Policy Summary

As an employee of the College, you may be exposed to information that is considered confidential. Employees may be given or have access to personal information regarding employee, customer, student, parent and/or vendor accounts with the College (e.g., name, address, social security number, employment, type and/or amount of debt owed, payment, banking, medical and/or other similar information) and other information that is confidential (collectively, “Confidential Information”) including, but not limited to:

  • students, parents, custodians, customers and lists (actual or prospective and including charges and payment histories);
  • financial information, including financial statements, purchases;
  • computer programs and/or systems information;
  • information relating to College operations, methods, strategies and techniques and their use and effectiveness;
  • employee information (including disciplinary and other similar matters)
  • search and recruitment information about candidates and prospects, both during and after the conclusion of the search process; including conversions and decisions made by search committee and hiring managers

This information may be on paper, contained in software, visible on-screen displays, in computer readable form or otherwise.

All employees have an obligation to use this information appropriately and safely to assist our clients in their educational experience, however, this personal and confidential information should also be kept private and not shared during private conversations with coworkers or others.   Any questions regarding the release or sharing of confidential information should be discussed with a supervisor. Any breach of confidentiality is a serious policy violation and may result in discipline, up to and including immediate termination from state service.