HR-104: Animals Prohibited Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus, EOC)

Author: Human Resources

Policy Summary

In consideration of personal safety and sanitation, pets and other animals are prohibited on the SUNY Morrisville campus and athletic facilities.  This includes all SUNY Morrisville buildings, food venues, classrooms, offices, instructional spaces, and residence halls unless otherwise permitted by this or another SUNY Morrisville Policy. 

This policy safeguards the health and welfare of the SUNY Morrisville community, preserves the integrity of the buildings and grounds, and supports a healthful educational and work environment that respects the rights of individuals. 

The animal owner is responsible for knowing, understanding and abiding by this Policy.  The College is responsible for enforcement of this Policy.

Policy Statement

New York State Code CRR-NY 300-3.1 (k) states:  No person shall introduce or possess any animals within a State facility except for service animals and police and fire dogs under the control of their handler, without authorization from the commissioner.  No person shall abandon an animal on State property.

The following types of animals are permitted on SUNY Morrisville property, including college buildings, athletic facilities, and outdoor events, when necessary and appropriate:

  1. Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  2. Assistance, emotional support or therapy animals, when determined by the Accessibility Services Office to constitute a reasonable accommodation for an individual’s documented disability;
  3. Animals used by law enforcement or emergency personnel in the exercise of their official duties;
  4. Animals used for research in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and other college policies, and teaching activities that are part of an approved curriculum; and
  5. Short term visits of animals under the control of a qualified handler, when such visits are not in conflict with, and advance the educational mission of the college; and do not infringe upon, delay, or conflict with the normal operation of the campus; by special permission only, and with proper insurance and permitting.  Contact Human Resources with questions.

Confinement of any animal, including service and companion animals, in a motor vehicle is a violation of New York State law. Animals found to be confined in a motor vehicle parked on campus property may be removed and placed with a local animal control agency.


This Policy applies to all members of the SUNY Morrisville community including, but not limited to, employees, students, visitors and contractors who utilize, visit or work on the main campus, or any other physical location for which SUNY Morrisville is responsible.


NYS Code: 9 CRR-NY 300-1.2 (e)(o)


  1. a physical, mental or medical impairment resulting from anatomical, physiological, genetic or neurological conditions which prevents the exercise of a normal bodily function or its demonstrable by medically accepted clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques;
  2. a record of such impairment; or
  3. a condition regarded by others as such an impairment.

Service Animal:

Any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to do work or perform task for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

For more information regarding Emotional Support Animals for students, please refer to the Accessibility Services website, where you can find the Emotional Support Animal Request Form and Agreement.