AP.2.6 Pass/Not Pass

  • A grade of P will earn regular credit toward graduation but will not be included in calculation of the cumulative average.
  • A grade of NP will be recorded on transcript but will not be included in calculation of the cumulative average.

This option should be considered by a student who wishes to explore an area of interest outside his/her current major degree requirements without such a course affecting the GPA, and only in consultation with their advisor and college Dean

The rules for the selection of the Pass-Not Pass option are as follows:

  • it is the responsibility of the student to make sure s/he selects P-NP courses within the rules of this college and with the approval of the advisor and Dean.
  • the course must be selected by the student before the end of the 20th day of each semester; the P-NP option form must be submitted to the Registrar’s office before the end of the 25th day of instruction each semester.
  • no more than one lower division and one upper division course of four hours or less may be selected, for a total of one course for an Associate’s degree program and two courses for a Bachelor’s degree program.
  •  Only one course may ever be taken P-NP within a minor. (Some courses are offered only on a Pass-Not Pass basis; such courses would not prevent students from selecting this additional course on a Pass-Not Pass option.)
  • once the form is filed in the Registrar’s office, the student may not change back to a conventional grade (A-F) for that course, nor may s/he change from a conventional grade to a P-NPF option.
  • the P-NP option is not available for imputed credit courses or courses which are designated to be graded S/F. This is effective beginning the spring semester 1994.


  • Pass/Not Pass request form must filled out and signed by the student and advisor.
  • the space provided under “Advisor Comment” is to be used by advisors to indicate their views concerning the P-NP selection.
  • the form should be sent to the proper school office to be reviewed and signed by the Dean. It will be filed in the student’s folder and forwarded to the Registrar’s office. Once processed, copies of the form should be sent to the appropriate people (as indicated at the bottom of the form).
  • The grade mode for the course will be updated in Banner and in the faculty & student web portals