ADMIN-106: Surplus/Transfer of Vehicle or Equipment Acquisition Approval Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus, EOC)

Author: Property Control

Policy Summary

The intent of this form is to supplement Campus departmental needs by acquiring vehicles and equipment through surplus or campus transfers while minimizing the Campus fleet and utilizing a theory of “One in, One out” whenever possible.

There are two ways to acquire items through State agencies:

  • State surplus managed by the Office of Governmental Services (OGS) that includes items from any other State agency, and items are listed on their website.
  • SUNY campus to campus transfers managed by the SUNY Administration, and items are advertised through email to all SUNY Property Control Coordinators.

Both are free to acquire items from, on a first come, first served basis.  Any other various fees are typically covered by the receiving party.  (shipping, transportation, dismantling…)

Consider this as a general guideline for the proper steps and requirements for acquiring items though surplus or transfer.

A typical surplus/transfer acquisition should be as follows:

  1. Campus department identifies a need internally. The Acquisition form should be filled out as much as possible and signed by the Department Head and/or Dean/Director. The Acquisition form can be found here.
  2. Department to decide if the potential acquisition will be a “Replacement” or “Addition”.

If “Replacement”, then a Surplus / Relocation form is submitted to the Property Control Coordinator (PCC) including the piece to be replaced, and Dean/Director’s or Department Head’s signature. The Surplus / Relocation form can be found here.

If “Addition”, then the Department will need to justify why this item is necessary for program functionality, in writing, on the Acquisition Approval Form.  This will need to be presented to the Chief Financial Officer, and/or Cabinet for approval.

  1. Department member contacts the Campus PCC within the Facilities Department to discuss the need and submit the Acquisition Form.
  2. If all appropriate on Campus (internal) documentation is properly completed with required signatures, and submitted to the PCC, Departments and PCC may search through OGS surplus and other SUNY/State contacts.
  3. The PCC must be notified prior to visiting the item location for inspection.
  4. All items considered must be inspected either in person or phone call to the holding facility.  If the item is listed with OGS, an in-person inspection is required. 
  5. If items are viewed as beneficial, the Department member will contact the PCC in order to submit the external request to either OGS or the holding facility. 
  6. PCC submits the formal external request.  All item requests to an outside facility will be made by the PCC or superiors of the PCC.
  7. If the request is granted, it is the responsibility of the department to physically pick up the item unless other arrangements have been made.
  8. After the acquired item is on Campus, the PCC is notified for appropriate inventorying and assigning a Campus decal.

Notes   - We should not be acquiring items that need extensive repair, and if repairs are necessary the requesting department’s school office Dean or Cabinet member assumes financial responsibility. 

  • All acquired items should have a reasonable timeframe remaining for life expectancy.   
  • We should not acquire items only to use them for a future trade.
  • Keep in mind, OGS requires a “Like” trade item for motor vehicles and equipment.