AP.2.9 Incomplete Grades

  • Incomplete (I) indicates that the student has not completed the course and that a grade is being withheld until the work is performed and approved.
  • The Incomplete (I) will automatically change to an F for students unless the incomplete is converted to regular letter grade by the end of the last day of classes of the following semester.

Rules for Incomplete Grades:

  1. An incomplete may be given only when circumstances leading to a student’s failure to complete course requirements are known to be beyond the student’s control. “I” may be given for extended illness, incapacity due to accident or situations producing unavoidable periods of absence from class or final exams. The form to be completed for an I grade is available in each Dean’s office.
  2. Student must meet requirements for the I graded course by the end of the week 14 week of the following semester. If not made up it becomes an “F.” Extensions may be granted with agreement of the faculty member and approval of the Provost. 
  3. “I” grade is not computed in the Grade Point Average.
  4. Students with “I” in courses graded A-F are ineligible for honors, Dean’s List, President’s List.
  5. An “I” grade which does not reflect the student’s actual achievement may be changed at a later date, thus qualifying the student for Dean’s List status. At this time, a retroactive Dean’s List letter should be issued.