AP.7 Course Substitutions & Waivers

Course substitutions should be submitted by the Academic Dean’s Office to allow a course not normally permitted, to fulfill an academic requirement. The Academic Dean is responsible for ensuring that the learning outcomes, subject matter, and materials correspond or have significant overlap, in consultation with appropriate faculty. 

Course substitutions should ideally be submitted prior to the student enrolling into the course as it may cause implications for financial aid otherwise. 

If a student would like to request that a substitution be done within their major, they will work with their Academic Advisor to make the request by submitting the Degree Required Course Substitution/Waiver form to the Department Chair and Academic Dean. 

If the request for course substitution is approved, it will be reflected on the student’s Degree Works audit. 

Course substitutions are applied only to the degree and program the student is matriculated into at the time of the request.