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Nightowl Online Tutoring

The Tutoring Center is able to provide online tutoring through Morrisville’s membership in the STAR-NY (Sharing Tutoring and Academic Resources New York) Consortium. In addition to Morrisville, twenty-five other SUNY colleges belong to STAR. These member campuses hire tutors who can help students enrolled at any of the participating campuses.


NightOWL services for Spring 2019 will be available 7:00 PM to midnight Sundays through Thursdays from Wednesday, January 30, through Tuesday, May 14, for the following subjects:

  • Writing assignments for any classes through master’s level (except foreign language courses)
  • Math (SKLS 091; MAGN 101; and MATH 102, 103, 123, 141, 147, 151) 
  • Chemistry up to CHEM 242
  • Biology up to BIOL 151
  • Physics (PHYS) at the introductory level
  • PSYC 101
  • ECON 100 and 140
  • Nursing (NURS) at the introductory level
  • Computer Science (COSC) at the introductory level
  • Accounting (ACCT) through 300-level courses


  • Open an updated version of a browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome (do NOT use Internet Explorer) to log into the online tutoring site.
  • Click on the "Tutor Request" link to read and agree to the consent information and to follow the prompts to set up your account in the platform.
  • Select the room for the subject with which you would like assistance.  You may have to wait because students are helped in the order in which they log on; the tutors should greet you in the chat box area to the right of the whiteboard when you enter their rooms.  Sessions are limited to 60 minutes.
Contact Information

Stephanie L. Lawhorne

Director of the Tutoring Center