Aquaculture & Aquatic Science A.A.S.

A seahorse of the marine lab species

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Through its diversity and depth, SUNY Morrisville’s Associate in Applied Science degree program in aquaculture & aquatic science prepares you for success in aquaculture, marine biology, fisheries and conservation, and many related industries. Handle fish your very first day with our applied learning in aquaculture.

This program provides fundamental training in aquaculture, fisheries biology, limnology and aquatic sciences. You will explore diverse subjects through practical, hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art aquaculture complex and a wide assortment of laboratory and field settings.

A feature of the program is the college’s Aquaculture Center and Marine Lab, where we raise a variety of species in different systems. We also have extensive campus natural resources and technology and our program utilizes drones, backpack electroshocking, fluorescent microscopy, kayaks, canoes and boats. 

As a graduate of this program, you are qualified to work within hatcheries, aquariums, fisheries and environmental science facilities. You also can continue your studies in our environmental & natural resources management bachelor's degree program, with a focus in GIS and environmental management.

You also can enhance your studies in any SUNY Morrisville degree program through our aquaculture & aquatic science minor, designed for students who also want to gain an understanding of aquaculture, marine biology, fisheries biology, limnology and aquatic biology. You will learn the fundamental scientific principles needed to develop solutions for the pressures placed on our aquatic resources and the production of a sustainable food source through aquaculture. 

Albino Brown Trout Production

SUNY Morrisville Aquaculture Center
A short description of SUNY Morrisville's Albino Brown and Tiger Trout Production by Sophomore Tom Tracy.
Labor Market Data

Top Job Titles for this Program

These are the job titles you are most likely to see listings for when graduating from this program.

  • Fish and Wildlife Technician
  • Aquarist
  • Culturist
  • Specialist
  • Fisheries Biologist
  • Environmental Protection Resource Assistant
  • Cultivation Technician
  • Fish Hatchery Technician
  • Educational Aquarist

Program Faculty/Staff