EOP Summer Checklist

It is important to stay organized. This is the first step on a very important journey. The following checklist is provided to help you stay on track with your success, as you begin your career with us in the summer program:

Please read and complete the following steps. 

  • Please review and complete all parts of the Next Steps For Accepted Students Process. These steps must be completed before you can attend the summer program. EOP Student Deposits are waived.
  • Review and sign the Pre-College Summer Institute Program Guidelines. 
  • Parent and student read "Frequently Asked Questions."
  • Make appointment to see medical professional to obtain proof of immunizations.
  • Make appointment to see medical professional to get general student physical exam and to complete all required medical forms. Send these directly to Health Services prior to arrival on campus.
  • Make a copy of student’s health/medical insurance/ID card. Bring a picture or printed copy. 
  • Make an appointment to complete all COVID-19 vaccine policy. requirements. The campuses COVID-19 vaccine policy can be found here.
  • Make initial travel plans; Arrival is Sunday, July 9, between 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.
  • Confirm travel plans - check directions, maps, tickets, etc.
  • Note actual departure time & contact the EOP Office if arrival time has changed or if you have any special travel issues.
  • Review travel plans and complete the Arrival/Travel form
  • Parent/guardian and student discuss FERPA 
  • If Student is UNDER 18, sign Under 18 Participation Consent form
  • Mail/fax/submit the following forms to the EOP Office not later than Friday, June 16,2023; Contact EOP Office if forms are not sent    
    • Arrival/Travel form 
    • [If Student is UNDER 18] - Under 18 Participation Consent form 
  • Check that all items are packed/loaded and ready to go and make sure you follow all check-in instructions, once provided.