Agricultural Science A.A.S.

Agricultural Science Professor Jen Gilbert Jenkins holds a handful of soil as she teaches about soil sampling

Grow your future.

Through the agricultural science associate degree program at SUNY Morrisville, you will gain fundamental training in agriculture to help prepare you for a career in the agricultural service sector and for technical on-farm work.

Our agricultural science A.A.S. program allows you to build a flexible course sequence that corresponds with your future academic needs while concentrating on an individual topic of interest, with options including: 1) an agronomy focus; 2) an animal science focus; and 3) a diverse focus for those interested in agriculture education.

Core classes in all options feature an array of hands-on courses, including soil science, field crop production and precision farming, while also mixing in classes of your choosing from areas in fundamental science, agronomy and technology.     

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate a broad-based understanding of the scientific principles important in modern agricultural production
  • Demonstrate understanding of key practices and technologies used in the area of your chosen agricultural field
  • Utilize tools necessary for data collection and analysis relevant to modern agricultural production
  • Interpret data necessary for effective management of crop and animal production
  • Describe basic social, political and economic driving forces impacting the agricultural field of your chosen focus regionally, nationally and globally

Learning by Doing

Go beyond the classroom through a variety of applied learning opportunities, including programs such as worm composting aimed at reducing the organic waste produced on campus, as well as summer research internships focused on production methods for grain and fiber hemp and agricultural practices to support soil health. 

Facilities such as our Four Seasons Farm, a certified organic farm operated and maintained by the college's Horticulture Department, and our college dairy farm also provide hands-on educational experience through year-round CEA and field crop production. Learn more about our related facilities below.

Continuing Education

Like many of our agricultural science students, you may choose to continue your studies in related bachelor’s degree programs at SUNY Morrisville, including agricultural business development (B.B.A.) and dairy management (B.Tech.).

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Shayla Peters

Student Shayla Peters tells us about a project to study the effects of fertilizer on industrial hemp growth and yield.

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