Renewable Energy B.Tech.

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Harness the unlimited power of your potential.

Renewable energy isn’t just smart; it’s an industry that has a great need for skilled professionals in grid-tied solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, small wind, micro hydroelectricity, liquid biofuels, biomass combustion and other bioenergy systems.

The hands-on nature of the SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree program in renewable energy means you’ll complement the theoretical concepts covered in class lectures by working on real, live systems right on campus.

Focusing on system-level design, permitting and project management, you can choose to specialize in one of three tracks: wind/solar/hydro, bioenergy, or general. Program course requirements can be found in the college catalog, and a typical schedule of classes is provided below as a PDF.

You will learn using full-scale system components in our distinctive facilities, including a wind and solar lab, indoor and outdoor climbing towers, a biodiesel production lab and an area dedicated to bioenergy crops.

An internship is a recommended program option that places you in a supervised work environment with a cooperating employer and provides valuable work experience, develops professional contacts and builds your resume. Successful internships have included experiences in solar and wind energy, cellular communications, geothermal/HVAC, bioethanol production, and bioenergy systems.

Many careers await you following graduation, including energy system designer, installation and maintenance technician, quality control supervisor and project manager for renewable energy systems of all types and sizes.

Upon completion of the program, you also have met the education requirements for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional and PV Designer exams.

Labor Market Data

SUNY Morrisville provides Burning Glass labor market data to illustrate current trends in careers related to our academic programs. The below information is drawn from Burning Glass's data for job postings related to this program in the Northeast United States (New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont) between Oct. 1, 2018 and Sept. 30, 2019.

Market Salary

Market Salary shows the salary that graduates who remain in the region can expect to find with their degree. Expect to earn a salary close to the median (50th percentile) with your degree from SUNY Morrisville. Your actual salary could be lower (10th percentile) or higher (90th percentile), depending on factors such as location and certification requirements.

Top 10 Regional Employers for this Program

The list below displays the regional employers who have had the most job postings requiring skills you’d gain from this program.

  1. National Grid
  2. NRG Energy
  3. Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  4. EverSource
  5. Alstom
  6. Sunrun
  7. Electric Power Systems
  8. Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  9. Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated
  10. NextEra Energy, Inc.

Top 10 Job Titles for this Program

These are the job titles you are most likely to see listings for, when graduating from this program.

  1. Project Manager/Lead or Senior Project Manager
  2. Sales Consultant/Sales Representative/Sales Manager
  3. Telecommunications Engineer
  4. Construction Manager/ Energy Systems Manager
  5. Project Development Manager/Engineer
  6. Solar Technician
  7. Wind Technician 
  8. Telecommunications Technician/Analyst
  9. Geothermal Technician/Installer
  10. Technician/Installer Technician

Program Faculty/Staff

Ben Ballard
Associate Professor, Director, RETC
Phil Hofmeyer
Associate Professor, Chair, Environmental and Renewable Resources Division, Interim Assistant Dean, School of Agriculture, Business, and Technology
Ryan Quinn Headshot
Assistant Professor