Grammarly Premium

The Tutoring Center is pleased to offer Grammarly Premium to all college community members. Grammarly Premium is an AI-powered software that helps writers check their texts for elements such as grammar, punctuation, wordiness, and spelling. Thanks go to the Office of Institutional Advancement for providing the funding to purchase the subscription to this software for the college.

To access Morrisville’s Grammarly Premium subscription, students, faculty, and staff should use the following link to create an account with their campus email and password: Morrisville Grammarly Premium SSO.

We recommend exploring Grammarly’s Tips and Tutorials web page, which offers help learning how to use this software and list answers to frequently asked questions. This web page also provides information about Grammarly’s various apps and extensions for MS Office, Windows, Chrome, Android, iPhone, and so forth.

If you encounter problems creating your account or can’t find answers to your questions about using this software on Grammarly’s website, please email to request assistance.