How to Become a Peer Tutor

Students who have earned a 2.75 or higher cumulative GPA after taking at least 12 college credits are eligible to apply to become peer tutors for the Morrisville Campus Tutoring Center. Applicants must have earned at least a B (3.00) in a course to be qualified to tutor students taking that class.

To apply, students should submit the online Peer Tutor Application and submit their resume and cover letter through Handshake, the Career Services Office job posting site (or send their documents to Ms. Stephanie Lawhorne, Director, Tutoring Center, at Career Services can assist with writing resumes and cover letters.

Most peer tutors work an average of 5 hours/week during the fall and spring semesters. The actual number of hours a tutor works depends on their availability, student demand for the courses they tutor, and the funding available for tutoring. Based on various factors, tutors conduct individual and small group tutoring sessions in person on both a drop-in and an appointment basis. We also ask tutors to assist students virtually by appointment if requested.

In 2023-24, The Tutoring Center is especially seeking peer tutors qualified to tutor SKLS 091: Pre-Algebra and MAGN 101: Elementary Algebra who can embed into sections of these courses. These embedded tutors will be paid to attend one class session per week to tutor students while in class in addition to tutoring these (and other subjects they are qualified to tutor) outside of class. We are also seeking tutors for various other subjects taught at the College (e.g., ACCT, BIOL, BSAD, CITA, COMP, DTEC, ECON, HIST, MATH, NURS, WOOD, etc.).

The 2023-24 pay rate scale for peer tutors is as follows:

  • Peer Tutor 1: $15.00/hour
  • Peer Tutor 2: $15.50/hour (requires prior tutoring and tutor training experience)
  • Peer Tutor 3: $16.00/hour (requires prior tutoring and tutor training experience)

Besides earning income as employees of the College, other benefits for students who work as peer tutors include the following:

  • Leadership skill development
  • Improved communications skills
  • Interpersonal and social skill development
  • Deeper knowledge and stronger skills in the subjects tutored
  • Enhanced intercultural and diversity awareness
  • Valuable work experience to highlight on resumes and in job interviews

Peer tutors must participate in tutor training, which starts when they begin working and continues for as long as they continue in the job. Peer tutors can earn one elective credit for completing new peer tutor training by enrolling in GNED 203:  Peer Tutor Training I.  Training assignments and expectations are the same whether or not the peer tutor opts to earn credit. Peer tutors can also earn one elective credit if they enroll in GNED 204:  Peer Tutor Training II after completing GNED 203 or the equivalent. Ongoing training also occurs each semester or year, including those trainings mandated for all employees at the College. Questions should be directed to Stephanie Lawhorne, Director of the Tutoring Center, at