Dining Terms and Agreement

All resident students are required to select a meal plan. Students using MAC dining facilities are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and mature manner. Behavior that is inconsiderate or creates a hazard for other diners, or hampers the operation or function of a facility, may result in disciplinary action. This may include loss of meal privileges, financial restitution, campus probation, or a combination of sanctions as decided by the student judicial board or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.


  • Enter the dining facility without proper authorization (valid college ID or meal card) or without the expressed permission of a dining services manager or the ID Checker.
  • Allow the misuse of a meal card or allow other persons to use any meal card other than their own.
  • Fail to produce the meal card or ID when required to do so by an authorized person (Management, ID Checker, or Dining Room Monitor).
  • Be inconsiderate of the rights of others by loud, rude, or abusive language, behavior or gesture. Management will determine inappropriate behavior when encountered.
  • Refuse to leave the facility after being asked to do so by an authorized person (Management, ID Checker, or Dining Room Monitor).
  • Obstruct by action or presence the intended use of the facility.
  • Threaten, coerce, obstruct, or intimidate employees performing the duties and responsibilities of their job.
  • Willfully cause injury to any student or employee.
  • Jeopardize the sanitary condition of self-service foods by introducing foreign objects or materials.
  • Take any action, create or participate in the creation of any situation, which recklessly or intentionally endangers the safety or health of others.
  • Remove property, food or supplies from the facilities.
  • Compromise the safety of others by throwing food, paper or liquids.
  • Possess or consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances or be obviously intoxicated in any facility.
  • Use radios or other audiovisual devices. Laptop computers should not be playing music loudly in the Dining Facilities.

Meal contracts provide meal opportunities when classes are in session. Individual locations will post their last meal served before any vacation period.

Meal plans and point balances are non-transferable.

No meal plan refund will be issued to a student when a Residence Hall License is terminated due to disciplinary action.