Health Services

Health Services is committed to providing confidential, high quality, student-centered medical care to currently enrolled SUNY Morrisville students. Health Services staff strive to promote and support student wellness through treatment, education, and prevention in a caring atmosphere that respects the unique qualities of each individual. 

The Health Services staff care about the wellbeing of every Morrisville student and students are encouraged to access services to discuss their concerns. Health Services provides non-emergency medical care and if a student needs a more intensive level of care, staff will assist them in accessing appropriate care.

Health Services provides non-emergency medical care. A general guideline – if a student is unable to wait for the next available appointment with Health Services, most likely the medical condition is not appropriate for Health Services.

Health Services hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. while classes are in session. Visits are scheduled by appointment from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Students should call the Health Center at 315.684.6078 to schedule an appointment. 

Health Services are free of charge for students (part of the mandatory student health fee). Health Services are private and confidential. Information from a student’s confidential record is only released if the student gives written consent. Faculty, staff, parents, and friends do not have access to health records.

Health Services provides non-emergency medical care for many of the following issues:

  • Respiratory symptoms – coughs, colds, flu-like illnesses
  • Minor injuries  – sprains, strains, burns, abrasions, cuts
  • Rashes and other dermatologic conditions
  • Sexually transmitted infections testing and treatment – for males and females
  • Birth control – prescriptions for oral contraceptives, hormonal patch or vaginal ring. Students wishing to have Depo Provera administered by Health Services will need to provide proper documentation from home prescriber.
  • Emergency contraception
  • School-related physical updates 
  • Management of chronic conditions – in coordination with your primary care provider
  • On-site point of care testing – in office testing for strep A, COVID, influenza, urinalysis, urine pregnancy
  • Health education – educational materials available on many health-related topics
  • Referrals to specialty practices
  • Laboratory specimen management

Students wishing to utilize Health Services should submit a physical examination within the last 1-2 years prior to the start of their first semester, ideally performed by their primary care provider. A one- time courtesy visit will be granted to students not submitting a pre-admission physical. 

Students presenting for Health Services should arrive on time for their appointment and must present a valid student identification card to the front desk upon arrival. Students presenting more than 10 minutes late will be asked to reschedule.

Students become eligible for services during the first semester of enrollment, and remain eligible if continually enrolled in subsequent semesters. Students on a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence are not currently enrolled and, therefore, are not eligible for services. Student who withdraw, are suspended, or dismissed are not eligible for services. Alumni and prospective students are not eligible for services. Employees are not eligible for services.

  • Health Services does not have access to on-site diagnostic testing (x-rays, CT scans, MRI, immediate lab results). 
  • Health Services does not provide care for Worker’s Compensation or No Fault injuries.
  • While Health Services does not provide direct care to pregnant students, we are committed to providing support to our students faced with an unplanned pregnancy. This includes a referral to obstetrical care, adoption counseling, or termination services. Health Services staff will work with students to explore transportation options as necessary.
  • While Health Services does not have in-house specialty care (including dental and vision care), we are here to assist students in accessing these services. If you think you need a referral to specialty care, start by talking with one of our healthcare providers who can offer advice, make a referral, and help you navigate the health care system.

For all emergencies, call 911.

SUNY Morrisville’s Health Services staff strive to provide you, the student/patient, with the best health care possible. Below are some things you can do to help us achieve that goal:

  1. Arrive on time for scheduled appointments. If you will not be able to make a scheduled appointment, please call and cancel it so that another student may be scheduled in your place.
  2. Give your health care provider all the information they will need to determine the best treatment for you: fill out any forms completely and accurately; tell your provider about past and current diagnoses and treatments, such as past illnesses, hospitalizations, and medications; and be as clear as you can about current symptoms, including pain and/or psychological stress.
  3. Provide correct and complete contact information.
  4. Be open and honest with your health care provider if you do not understand or cannot comply with instructions you are given.
  5. Contact the Health Services if your condition worsens or does not follow the expected course. Emergent situations should call 911.
  6. Check with your provider well before you run out of your current supply of prescription medication. 
  7. Use prescription and over-the-counter medications as directed.  You should never share medication prescribed for you with others.
  8. Treat fellow patients and Health Center staff with the same courtesy and respect that you expect from them. Please respect others’ right to privacy as you would ask that your own be respected. 
  9. Know the coverage provided by your health insurance policy. If possible, carry accurate insurance information on you at all times.
  10. Make use of information available through the materials in our waiting room or lobby. You can make your experience at the Health Center more effective by understanding how appointments are scheduled and the resources available for after-hours care or emergencies. You may also find information that is helpful to understanding your health care needs. 

Is there a cost for appointments at Health Services?

There is no cost for Health Services appointments, our services are covered by the mandatory student health fee.

What if my insurance doesn’t work at the Health Services?

Health Services does not utilize a student’s health insurance, our services are covered by the student health fee. We do not bill insurance companies nor collect copay fees. 

When will my health insurance be utilized?

Off-campus services such as x-rays, blood work, cultures, sexually transmitted infection testing, referrals, emergency room or urgent care visits, and prescriptions will utilize a student’s personal health insurance. A student is responsible for any fees billed by your insurance company.

Can I just walk in or do I need an appointment?

Health Services visits are scheduled by appointment. We strive to provide timely access to medical care while balancing the needs of the whole student body.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call the Student Health Center at 315.684.6078 to schedule an appointment for Health Services.

Can a parent/guardian schedule an appointment for me?

Students need to schedule their own appointments; this allows us to work directly with the student and their schedule. 

Will the Health Services give me a note for missed classes/work, exams, or assignments?

It is each student’s responsibility to meet all class and work requirements that are set by their instructors and supervisors. Health Services will not formally excuse a student from class or work with a written note, except in the case of serious illness or public health concern. If a student feels that they are too ill to attend class, take an exam, go to work, or complete an assignment, the student must notify their instructor and/or supervisor directly. 

Where is the nearest hospital?

The closest hospital is Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, approximately 10 miles from campus.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

The closest pharmacy is Dougherty’s Pharmacy in Morrisville, located on Main Street near campus. Students can easily walk to the pharmacy. 

Dougherty Pharmacy

Address: 14 Main St. Morrisville, NY
Phone: 315.684.3171
Open: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., closed Sunday

Can I keep my prescription medications in my dorm room?

Yes, each student is responsible for their own medications. Health Services generally does not store nor manage personal prescriptions. Students needing assistance with mail order prescriptions, especially those that require refrigeration, should contact the Student Health Center at 315.684.6078.

Does Health Services prescribe medication for ADHD/ADD?

No, Health Services does not prescribe these types of medications. The student should make arrangements with their primary care provider or prescriber to manage these medications while at school.

Does Health Services give allergy shots?

No, Health Services does not give allergy shots. The student should make arrangements with their allergist to continue shots at a local allergist office. Students should check with their health insurance carrier to find an allergist in network in the Central New York region. The closest allergist offices are located in the Syracuse area and Utica area, both approximately 30 miles from campus. 

What if I need access to my immunizations or medical records?

Students should complete a Release of information form. Please note that records are only maintained for seven (7) years per SUNY policy.

Can I bring my used needles and syringes to Health Services?

Yes, Health Services will accept used needles and syringes. All needles and syringes need to be in an appropriate puncture proof container (accepted: laundry bottles, coffee cans, sharps containers; not accepted: milk jugs). Health Services has sharps containers available for personal use, simply stop by the Student Health Center to ask for one. The campus also has a sharps disposal box located in Brooks Hall.