College Senate Standing Committees

Academic Issues Committee

The Academic Issues Committee reviews, discusses, and makes recommendations to the College Senate concerning academic policy in any area not covered by another College Senate committee, as brought to the committee by Academic Council and College Senate. 

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees the annual nomination and selection procedures of both the local SUNY Morrisville Distinguished Faculty Award and the SUNY-wide Chancellor's Awards for Excellence. The committee solicits and evaluates nominations from campus and alumni populations through nomination forms and reviews submission packets for substantive criteria in the following categories: teaching techniques and representative materials, scholarship and professional growth, student services, academic standards and requirements and evaluation of student performance, and a summary of outstanding qualifications and major achievements.  The committee selects award winners based upon the evaluation materials requested, then completes and transmits the submittal materials for the SUNY Awards to the local SUNY Morrisville Provost’s Office.

The Awards Committee looks for new ways to increase award awareness and thus, nominations.  The committee meets 6-8 times each academic year and members are expected to review nomination forms for SUNY Chancellor’s Awards early in the spring semester, and nomination materials for the Distinguished Faculty/Librarian Awards during the spring semester.  In addition, members should be a resource on the awards and their procedure to their school’s faculty.

Faculty/Staff Award Winners

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee makes recommendations to the Vice President for Administration & Finance, the Provost, and other appropriate administrators and to the Senate regarding strategic planning related to the College budget. These recommendations seek to promote the College’s instructional, scholarly, and service missions. The Budget Committee will receives periodic updates regarding the colleges financial position and all long-range financial plans. However it apprises itself of the general financial position of the college and of significant policy and priority aspects of budget decisions. 

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee discusses, studies, and makes recommendations to the College concerning changes to curricula. This includes new and revised courses and programs; general education, liberal arts and sciences, and applied learning requirements; changes to course levels credit hours, or prerequisites; and any substantial changes to programs or courses that affect the course offerings of other departments.

The Curriculum Committee represents the faculty and student body in reviewing the SUNY Morrisville curricula, including both substantial changes to current courses and programs as well as the addition of new courses and programs.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee

The work of the committee will be broad and focused as well as practical and inspirational. It will work to support an inclusive faculty, staff, and student body, and campus and community environment.

In pursuit of social justice, the committee will examine the foundational practices and the systems in place and will actively search for evidence of abuses of power, inequality and inequity, and bias and discrimination on campus and within the community by examining hiring practices, teaching practices, administrative practices, and other policies and practices that lead to discriminatory outcomes.

In pursuit of transformative practice, the committee will report out on abuses, inequities and biases and work with (when applicable) the College Senate, College Senate Committees, administration, union representatives, faculty and staff, students, and community members to create, support, and promote policies, pedagogies, and practices that are anti-racist and deeply rooted in an authentic commitment to justice for all.

Educational Technology Committee

The Educational Technology Committee studies and reviews college policies associated with distance education in its various forms, makes recommendations regarding how well information technology and library policies on campus serve teaching and learning, and educates the campus on these policies.

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee is tasked with reviewing submitted courses for the SUNY System General Education List and Applied Learning Selection.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee oversees the nomination and election of College Senate officers, representatives, and College Senate standing committee members, and proposes procedures and policies governing those elections.

Norwich Liaison Committee

The Norwich Liaison Committee discusses, studies, and recommends ways of improving interaction between the main campus and the Norwich Campus and makes the College Senate and the Student Government Organization aware of important issues at the Norwich Campus.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee discusses, studies, and makes recommendations on college policies associated with faculty/staff development and organizes and publishes opportunities for faculty/staff development on campus.

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee assures equitable consideration of all faculty (including librarians) for promotion, makes annual promotion recommendations, and develops an interpretation of promotional standards when necessary.

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the College Senate on matters involved with the betterment of campus life other than those dealing with academics.