Morrisville Identity Center

The Morrisville Identity Center (MIC) provides opportunity for students with diverse identities to feel supported, build community and “step up to the mic.” The goal of the MIC is to provide a physical space where students can engage across differences, learn about themselves in relation to others, and serve as a place where individuals can be validated—not just a safe space but a brave space. While colleges grow increasingly diverse, students of color, sexual minorities and others with diverse identities often face discrimination and feelings of isolation, even invisibility. Recent research shows that campus cultural centers and identity centers can be crucial to improving inclusivity, a climate of care, retention, and engagement after graduation. The MIC serves as a hub of support for student organizations and campus activities focused on diversity, identity and social justice. The Morrisville Identity Center is housed in a space just outside the Student Affairs suite on the first floor of Helyar Hall (Rm 117). For more information or to get involved, email