Mail Service

For Students

Sending and Receiving Student Mail

Resident Hall Students Only

Students may purchase postage stamps in the Campus Store. Letters and small packages may be mailed in the black mailbox located next to the ATM machines in STUAC. Large packages need to be mailed at the US Post Office located in the village.

It is strongly suggested cash or other valuables are not sent through the campus mail. Please use Certified or Express Mail. These items are picked up by a college employee at the Post Office and delivered directly to the college Mail Room at which time you will be notified.

Off-Campus Students

If you are not residing on campus you must setup your own post office box with your local Post Office or have your mail delivered elsewhere. If mail is delivered to the campus and you are not residing on campus it will be returned to sender. This includes letters and packages.

Resident Student Mail is sorted at the Morrisville Post Office.

Letters are delivered directly to the Residence Halls and distributed to student mailboxes daily.

Packages from the Post Office, UPS, Federal Express and other carriers are received in the College Mail Room located at the Campus Bookstore. The student must present an appropriate ID when picking up the package. Please do not attempt to pick up your package based on a delivery notification from the shipping carrier. It may take additional time before it is available for pickup as each package is checked in. The student is notified by e-mail sent to their campus e-mail account once it is ready to be picked up.

The campus mailroom will no longer require an appointment for students to pick up their packages. Students are allowed to go to the mailroom upon notice from the mailroom that their package has been received. While waiting in line for the mailroom please maintain social distancing. The new campus mailroom hours for package pick up are 8:30 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The name on the package and the name on your ID must be the same.

Only the person to whom the package is addressed will be allowed to receive it.

It is necessary that you give your correct address to everyone sending mail to you.

The mailroom does not have a refrigerator or a freezer and is not able to store temperature sensitive letters or packages.

We do not accept animals through the mail.

Students are prohibited from shipping alcohol and tobacco products to themselves through the campus mailroom. These items will be returned to sender if received.

Packages must be picked up by the end of the spring semester or they will be returned to the sender (unless arrangements are made with the mailroom).

So that you receive your mail between semesters, you must notify sender of your change of address at the end of each semester.

Please see the sample addresses on the next page for how to address your letters and packages.

Sample Address for all United States Postal Service USPS packages and letters:

Student First Name, Student Last Name (No Nicknames)
DORM NAME and ROOM number
PO BOx 901
Morrisville, NY 13408

Sample Address for all UPS, Federal Express and other carriers:

Student First Name, Student Last Name (No Nicknames)
Dorm Name and Room Number
Campus Mailroom
Morrisville, NY 13408

For Faculty

General Mail Policy

  • College postage may not be used for personal mail. All personal mail being sent to the campus mail room MUST have the correct postage (stamps) affixed or it will be returned.
  • The college's mail system may not be used for business or political mail, i.e. fliers from local stores and vendors, candidate endorsements, etc.
  • All campus mail should be placed in inter-campus envelopes and addressed completely with the person's name and the correct office and building.
  • To avoid having postage put on inter-campus mail, each office should separate on and off-campus mail PRIOR to sending or taking mail to the mail room.
  • International mail needs to be separated because it requires additional postage.
  • Outgoing mail should be bundled with flaps open, office indicated, and placed in the wire basket when brought to the mail room.
  • Mail going to the post office needs to be in the mail room before 2:30 p.m.

Bulk Mail Policy

  • Every mailing that can be sent out bulk rate must be so processed. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Director of Business Affairs.
  • The Bulk Mail process must be used for mailings meeting the following criteria:
    1. Bulk mailings must have a minimum of 200 pieces.
    2. Each piece of bulk mail must be identical (contents, weight, type of envelope, etc.)
    3. Do NOT include international mail. It CANNOT go bulk rate.
    4. All bulk mailings are to be prepared as follows prior to submitting them to the mail room:
      1. Manila envelopes (any size) must be sealed (clasped or taped).
      2. Letter envelopes do not have to be sealed, but flaps must be open over each other in order for the mailing machine to seal them.
      3. Pamphlets, fliers, postcards, and mailings in manila envelopes must have the non-profit permit printed on them.
      4. Mailings with the non-profit permit must be counted. Letter envelopes do not have to be counted as the mailing machine does this.
    5. Allow ample time for delivery. If you have a deadline for which you expect a return or confirmation, PLAN AHEAD. Delivery time, from the time you forward a bulk mailing from your office, should be expected to take anywhere from five to ten days.