Accessibility Instructions for Faculty

A faculty member may provide for a student’s needs directly. If an instructor chooses to provide the necessary accommodations (such extended time, a quiet space, and/or other services) that instructor needs to ensure that all of the student’s identified accommodations are met. Refer to the Notification for Accommodations form your student gives to you. This form shows that the student has registered with the Office of Accessibility Services. The specific accommodations, as deemed appropriate for the student are checked on this form.

To streamline the process, we are asking that tests be sent through email (as an attachment) to Access to this secure email is granted to the office staff only. Your tests will be safe with us. In addition, in the Subject Line include the following information:

  • Course Name/Instructor--Example: ACCT101/Beebe

The body of the e-mail should contain any special instructions in regards to taking the test (i.e. calculator allowed, no notes, open book, etc.). In addition, please indicate how you want the test/quiz returned to you (i.e. scanned to email, instructor will pick up test, place in campus mail-internal). Include any specific instructions, including the day and time that the test needs to be completed. In certain circumstances, students may not be able to take a test during a scheduled class time. This may be because they have a class immediately following, which will not give the student the allocated time in which to complete the test. Remind students that they cannot miss a class to take a test. If this should present a problem for students, notify the office (and student) of alternate test dates and times of when they can take their test.