Criminal Justice B.Tech.

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Secure a rewarding career while you serve and protect.

The SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree program in criminal justice provides you with thorough, hands-on preparation to meet the professional expectations and performance standards of today’s law enforcement and private security agencies.

Along with requisite courses in policing, corrections, investigation and criminal law, you will choose courses in information technology, natural resources, economics and white-collar crime, adolescents and the criminal justice system, or public safety and security. You also will work with the latest software for pre-sentence investigations and police reports.

Additionally, the program’s required full-semester internship will give you extensive experience in a real-world criminal justice setting, and may even lead to your first job interview.

Our on-campus IES Milo simulator provides students with an inside look at a career in law enforcement. This “Shoot, Don’t Shoot” system, which also features a Taser and chemical agent options, teaches you the use of force continuum, communications and professionalism in decision-making scenarios.

The college’s Crime Scene Lab also provides you with a true look at crime scene investigation, evidence collection, handling and preservation, DNA and forensic technology.

When you graduate, you will be ready to enter fields ranging from medico-legal investigations to environmental conservation enforcement and from emergency management to cybersecurity.

Take your experience even further through the Criminal Justice Club, which hosts various guest speakers to expose students to varying professions, travel and volunteerism. The club also holds an annual simulated crime-scene investigation competition to put your skills to the test. You can also join the college’s Simulator Team or the Crime Scene Team to help develop your field expertise, take part in training events, and help teach fellow classmates.

Alpha Phi Sigma, Mu Beta chapter of the criminal justice national honor society, also provides professional development opportunities for students each semester.

Josely Medina

Student-athlete, women's basketball
Josely Medina, a criminal justice major and member of the women's basketball team describes how SUNY Morrisville has become a home away from home.
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