Student Government Organization

The Student Government Organization (SGO) is an integral part of Student Activities at SUNY Morrisville, serving the entire student body. SGO’s goals are to promote the general welfare of the student body, to stimulate interest in and support activities contributing to cultural, social, educational and physical improvement, and to establish a just college community.

SGO supports dozens of programs and events on campus including the Music and Theatre Departments, Arcadian student yearbook, Mustang Radio Media, Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Open Recreation in STUAC and Hamilton Hall.

SGO also funds many educational and social activities during the year such as dances, intramurals, and performers. They achieve this with funds gathered through the Mandatory Student Activity Fee.

SGO also maintains an off-campus housing list as an alternative to living in the residence halls.

Get involved with SGO and help make your experience here at SUNY Morrisville successful and memorable.

Member at Large

Any student may seek membership at large status by submitting a membership application/petition to the SGO Assembly for approval. After the approval by the SGO Assembly, the student will be considered a voting member.

Club Members

Each established club must submit an executive board roster each semester to be recognized and hold a seat in the SGO Assembly. All SGO-sponsored clubs are required to have a representative present at all Assembly meetings.

After the approval by the SGO Assembly, the student will be considered a voting member. The student must achieve a 2.0 GPA, be in good disciplinary standing and completed Bystander Intervention training by the deadline to be considered in good standing. In addition to the designated SGO representative, each club may have an SGO alternate representative.

Any member of the SGO Assembly who misses two consecutive or three non-consecutive meetings in one semester is dismissed from the Assembly that semester. If there are any problems, the member must report to a member of the SGO Executive Board, preferably the V.P. or Secretary, before the meeting takes place.


The Student Government Organization (SGO) Assembly meetings are held weekly. All students, new and returning, are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Why Participate

There are some things you just cannot learn out of a book or in a classroom. Involvement in extracurricular activities can provide personal growth, professional growth, and practical experience. Participation also means gaining experience in learning how to work with people, gain leadership skills, and most importantly, involvement can mean having a lot of fun.

Student Clubs and Organizations

There are over 35 Clubs and Organizations at SUNY Morrisville that students may participate in according to their interests and career objectives. The types of clubs and organizations available include: Mustang Radio Media, LASO, and the Automotive Club, to name a few. Participation in extracurricular activities will enrich your total college and life experiences. Being involved will challenge you to make decisions, solve problems, achieve personal and professional goals, and increase your level of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

The best way to discover more about a single group is to attend one of its meetings, visit the club advisor, or inquire in the Student Activities Office. Watch for new-member recruitment and meeting announcements on campus for opportunities to get involved.

SUNY Morrisville students are encouraged to form clubs to sponsor activities which provide social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for members of the college community. For a new club to be recognized by SGO, you must submit a New Club Recognition Form, Club Constitution, and an Executive Board Roster to the SGO Executive Board. These forms must be reviewed by the SGO Executive Board, the Student Affairs Office and the SGO Assembly, respectively. After approval by the SGO Assembly, the club or organization is established.

Documents and Forms

Mandatory Student Activity Fee

Every student pays the Student Activity Fee as part of their college charges. The fee is included in a students' bills and is used to support extra-curricular activities on campus. The fee supports cultural, social, educational, and recreational programming including:

  • The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and all of its events
  • Mustang Radio Media
  • Intramurals & Open Recreation
  • Arcadian - The Yearbook
  • The Theatre Department
  • All clubs
  • Student Government Organization
  • Student Activities Programming

The Student Activity Fee is $106 per semester. The fee is established by a vote of the Student Government Assembly. Every two years during the Student Government Elections, the student body will vote whether the fee should be mandatory or voluntary.

The Student Government Assembly budgets the fees in March and April for the next academic year. Every Student Government-recognized club and organization can submit a budget for review.

Get the most out of the Student Activity Fee; get involved!