Services & Resources

  • Books and Supplies Awards. EOP at SUNY Morrisville provides financial support for all student books and supplies through a direct aid award that is applied to their Campus Cash (formerly Mustang Money) accounts. These awards are to be used for academic supply purchases only.
  • Direct Aid. EOP provides modest assistance toward the cost of college for things other than tuition. These are typically “last dollar” awards that are attached once all other aid options are exhausted.
  • Tutoring. EOP contracts tutors, specifically for use by EOP students. These tutors are hired on an “as needed” basis. Examples of areas of support include but are not limited to mathematics, liberal arts, technology and business. Students are encouraged to contact the EOP Office directly if they need a tutor that is not currently available.
  • Personal Counseling. The EOP counselors are specialists trained to assist students in a variety of academic, personal and professional areas. Our counselors typically hold master’s degrees in the areas of higher education, education, student affairs, counseling, and/or student personnel services.
  • Starfish. Starfish is the campus’ early-alert student tracking system. The system is designed to coordinate a network of campus professionals tasked with supporting our students personally and academically. EOP Counselors use the program to coordinate support services for all EOP students.