Aquaculture Short Courses

Coming soon: Workforce development courses in Aquaculture. Aquaculture micro-credentials. Online self-paced courses, weekend intensive practicum courses, on-site internship opportunities at Aquaculture Center. Gain the theory and the skills to be employed in the aquaculture workforce using experiential learning techniques and hands-on skill development.

Online noncredit courses- Enhance your skills and theory and pursue continuing education.

  • Introductory Aquaculture
  • Water Quality Management in Aquaculture
  • Fish Reproduction and Nutrition
  • Biosecurity Practices in Aquaculture
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquatic Animal Disease and Health Management
  • Data management and sampling in Aquaculture (Aquaculture Center-based course)
  • Marine Biological Process
  • Marine Aquarium Science
  • Apprenticeship in Aquaculture (Aquaculture Center-based course)

Please contact Elisa Livengood for more information.

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