Food & Agribusiness M.S.


Looking for a graduate program that will prepare you to be a leading decision-maker in the food system? Then the SUNY Morrisville Master of Science degree in food & agribusiness (FAB) is for you.

The FAB master's degree is a fully online, two-year program that prepares professionals for careers throughout the food system. FAB graduates are equipped with the tools to solve the tremendous challenges facing agribusinesses, the food system and society as a whole.

FAB is a rigorous program that draws from agricultural economics, food marketing, supply chain management, organizational management, econometrics, agriculture & food regulation, and more — all tailored to the special problems that food businesses and markets face in a complex, interconnected food system.

Students acquire managerial and analytical skills through highly involved group projects, computational analysis, microeconomic theory, case studies of food producers’ and marketers’ managerial decisions, hot-topic policy debates, and business and marketing planning — culminating in real-world master’s degree projects or consulting experiences.

This Program is Ideal For

People with academic or professional experience in:

  • Agriculture Business, Education and/or Policy
  • Food Security, Production, Distribution and/or Retailing
  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Finance
  • Market Development and Analysis

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate expert knowledge of global food and agricultural commodity markets and best agribusiness practices.
  2. Analyze organizational performance and economic and agribusiness relationships using economic and business theory.
  3. Use economic and business theory to identify useful agribusiness questions, and answer those questions by creating econometric, statistical and other quantitative models and applying them to real-world data.
  4. Maintain professional readiness to contribute to positive change at the individual, team and corporate agribusiness levels.
  5. Communicate analysis and reasoning through well-articulated conversations with collaborators and stakeholders, professional presentations and written reports.

Join a FAB Cohort

Students enter the FAB program in groups of food industry leaders — cohorts — and work together as a team as they move through the two-year program. Cohorts are comprised of students with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds from throughout the food system.

FAB is a SUNY Online+ Program!

The SUNY Morrisville Master of Science degree in Food & Agribusiness (FAB) has been selected as a SUNY Online+ Program! Recognized as “the best of what SUNY has to offer in online-enabled education,” FAB was awarded this prestigious honor for its:

  • Quality Course Design
  • Engaging Learning Experiences
  • Industry-Relevant Classes
  • High-Demand Graduates
  • Innovative Learning Technology
  • Personalized Concierge Student Services

Learn more about SUNY Online+ and FAB at FAB’s SUNY Online Program webpage.

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