All employees other than student employees are paid every other Wednesday. Most employees elect to participate in the direct pay deposit program. Checks for other employees are distributed through various campus sites or mailed if employees are not on campus on payday.

The college payroll is processed through the Office of the State Comptroller and payments are on a lag basis. This means employees are paid for the two week period that ended two weeks prior to payday.

Payroll Distribution Codes

Whether employees receive a paycheck or utilize direct pay deposit, they receive a pay stub (advice). The stub, or advice, has various codes which identify deductions and/or additions to pay. A detailed listing of codes is listed; however, further information can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Office.

Student Payroll Schedule

Students are paid on a separate payroll. They are paid every other Thursday on a lag basis. As they are paid on a biweekly basis, the hours reflected on their time sheet determines the amount of pay they receive each pay period.

Temporary Service Payroll Schedule

Employees paid on a temporary basis, and compensated on an hourly basis, are paid every other Wednesday. Since they are paid on an hourly basis, the hours reflected on their timesheet determines the amount of pay they receive each pay period.

Direct Pay Deposit

Most employees are eligible to participate in New York state's direct pay deposit program. Participants have their pay electronically deposited directly to an account at the financial institution of their choice that participates in the program. Check stubs or advices showing deductions and/or adjustments are issued to direct pay deposit program participants. Employees who wish to participate should contact the Human Resources Office.