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Intramural Sponsored Basketball

7-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday | Jan. 28-March 7 in Hamilton Hall

The 2019 SUNY Morrisville Intramural Basketball season starts Monday, Jan. 28! All games are in the Hamilton Hall gym. High school referees will officiate the games. There are two leagues -- the A league is competitive and the B league is just for fun. No A league players are allowed in B league. Register your five-player team now on Everyone must register to receive updates and notifications. If you are looking for a team, use the free agent function. Captains, please pick up free agents. The season ends March 7.

Arrive early – all games start on time! Games are two 15-minute halves, running time. The clock stops for the last two minutes of the second half for fouls and out of bounds. Each team gets one timeout per half. Any team that donates $1 to the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the beginning of each game will start with 5 points. Good luck and have fun!

IFSEA-Sponsored Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser

Until April 29, 2019

IFSEA will be selling Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars.

Mo'Pride-Sponsored Helping Our Community

Jan. 21-March 8, 2019 and March 18-May 3, 2019

Donate your spare change at Jazzy Joz in STUAC. The collected money will be donated to Morrisville Food Cupboard and Wanderers' Rest. 

SME-Sponsored Safety Glasses Fundraiser

Until May 3, 2019 in Galbreath Hall

SME will be selling safety glasses in Galbreath Hall. $5 for regular and $6 for over the glasses.

CAB-Sponsored Discount Movie Tickets

Student Activities Office

CAB will be selling discount tickets to the Oneida Movieplex or the Hamilton Theater. Come purchase up to two tickets per month with your Morrisville student ID for $4 per ticket. Stop by the Student Activities Office for more information.

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