Tuition, Housing and Meal Plan Refunds

Students who drop courses or withdraw are entitled to a refund of tuition, housing, and meal plans in the first four weeks of the semester. Fees are refundable only within the first week of classes and are non-refundable thereafter.

The following tuition refund schedule applies to courses that are a full semester's duration:

Week of Semester Amount Refunded
First Week 100%
Second Week 70%
Third Week 50%
Fourth Week 30%
Fifth Week 0%

Courses scheduled for less than a semester's duration have a separate refund schedule. You may contact the Student Accounts Office for information concerning such refunds. The date used to determine the cost for a dropped course is the last date of attendance.

To officially withdraw from all courses, it is recommended that the school office be notified in writing (including the last date of attendance). Non-attendance in a course (or courses) will not result in the removal of the tuition charges from the bill.

The academic drop deadline is not related to the deadlines for determining tuition liability.

Requesting a Refund

Based on State University of New York Policy 057.1, no money shall be refunded unless a formal written request is made within one year after the last day of the term for which the tuition and fees were incurred at the University. The student must submit in writing a request for full refund of tuition charges.

All requests must be sent to:

Office of Student Accounts
SUNY Morrisville
P.O. Box 901
Morrisville, New York 13408