Meal Plans

You can choose from several meal plans at SUNY Morrisville. If you live on campus, you’ll be required to purchase a meal plan that can be used at all campus dining facilities.

Your meal plan purchase includes a number of meals per week and a Dining Points amount, which is a declining-balance account used for additional food purchases at campus dining locations and the Copper Turret Restaurant. Meal plans and Dining Points are non-taxable, non-refundable, and can be used only while classes are in session.

The minimum meal plan requirement for Commons residents is the Commons Combo.

Campus Cash, formerly known as Mustang Money, is a taxable, declining-balance debit account that is separate from meal plans and safely encoded on your student ID. You can use it to buy food at all dining locations as well as items at campus stores, vending machines, and participating off-campus merchants. Refunds can be requested at the end of the academic year in the Spring or when you separate from campus (i.e. withdrawing from school, transferring to another school, etc.).

Meal Plan Choices for Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Meal Plan Eligible Students Meal Swipes per Week Guest Meals Dining Points campus cash Cost per Semester
Mustang Gold All Students (Default Selection)

Unlimited Dine-In Meal Swipes (at Seneca Dining Hall only)

+ 3 Anywhere Swipes per Week

5 $245 - $3,325
Mustang Silver All Students

14 Anywhere Swipes

+ 2 Reusable To-Go Containers

5 $605 - $3,065
Mustang Bronze All Students

10 Anywhere Swipes

+ 2 Reusable To-Go Containers

5 $655 - $2,960
Commons Combo Commons Residents and Commuters Only

7 Anywhere Swipes

+ 2 Reusable To-Go Containers

- $770 $250 $2,115
Commuter Prime Commuters Only 5 Anywhere Swipes - $265 - $1,025
Commuter Elite Commuters Only - - $800 - $800
Campus Cash Commuters Only - - - $600 $600
Faculty/Staff Plan SUNY Morrisville Faculty/Staff Only 25 Anywhere Swipes per Semester*   $50 - $250