Arnold R. Fisher Dairy Complex

Dairy Complex
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The SUNY Morrisville Dairy Complex is a free-stall dairy facility which houses 200 milking cows and is used for teaching, demonstration, and student projects. It is equipped with an electronically-enhanced milking parlor and a student-managed computer system. Also featuring two heifer barns, a calf barn and a show barn, the facility is entirely serviced by a plug-flow anaerobic digester that processes animal waste and produces electrical power.

The college’s 500 acres of cropland ensure a supply of forages for the herd.

These facilities are utilized by students in the Dairy Management B.Tech., Animal Science - Dairy A.A.S., Agricultural Business A.A.S., and Agricultural Science A.A.S. programs.


Ag business student
Grow a rewarding career. One of every five jobs in the American economy is found in an agricultural or food-related career. Our Associate in Applied Science degree program in agricultural business gives you the technical and business skills you need to choose from a wide range of job options in our nation’s largest industry, or to pursue a bachelor’s degree.
Ag business students pose with a food product they created.
Growing markets. In this exciting time of growth in global opportunity, small and large agricultural businesses in the U.S. have one thing in common: They are all competing for growing local, regional and international markets.
Agricultural Science Professor Jen Gilbert Jenkins holds a handful of soil as she teaches about soil sampling
Grow your future. Through the agricultural science associate degree program at SUNY Morrisville, you will gain fundamental training in agriculture to help prepare you for a career in the agricultural service sector and for technical on-farm work.
Student with a cow
If a family farm or a career in the dairy industry is in your future, you can make the most of two years of study in our animal science – dairy Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program.
Dairy students with cows
Considering a degree in dairy? The dairy industry is among New York State’s largest employers, with a great need for qualified managers and management of dairy farms and related businesses. Our dairy management prepares you to manage a dairy operation from herdsman to owner – and every position in between.