Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides programming for the entire campus. CAB is dedicated to bringing quality educational and entertainment programs to the college's highly diverse population.

Through a combination of dedication and hard work CAB brings comedy, movies, novelties, mall trips, music, dances and lectures to students, averaging over 100 events per year. A unique mix of programming, along with special events like Mustang Weekend and Spring Jam, keep students informed, educated and entertained.

All CAB events are paid for with Student Activity Fee funds.

CAB welcomes all students to join; all they need to do is come to a meeting. Membership is open to all Morrisville students. Meetings are held weekly.  

For more information about CAB, please stop by the Student Activities Office in the basement of the Student Activities Building.

Contact CAB

Phone: (315) 684-6246

Fax: (315) 684-6707


Suggest an Event

Students, faculty, or staff: You can suggest a campus event!

Simply send an email with your suggestion to:

We look forward to hearing from you!