QGIS/GPS Training

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SUNY Morrisville - Main Campus
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Public event
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SUNY Morrisville is excited to offer a two-day QGIS training (July 29-30) and one-day GPS Training (July 31) - both will be delivered in-person on SUNY Morrisville's campus. We invite you to gain essential skills in systems that are used in Conservation, Resource Management, Agriculture, Real Estate, Public Health, City Planning, and Transportation industries to name a few. 

QGIS is a powerful open-source GIS desktop application that runs on several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android and Linux. This short course introduces the participants to the field of geographic information systems and provides hands-on training on one of the premier open-source GIS desktop applications. Through step-by-step exercises, the course covers the basic concepts of working with vector data, including querying and symbolizing, labeling and classifying, creating maps, map projections and inventory operations, and creating vector data.

The one-day GPS course provides an introduction to the Global Positioning System (GPS), a satellite-based navigation system created and operated by the US Department of Defense. The training covers the basic principles of GPS, with an emphasis on field applications. Participants will learn how to conduct field surveys using handheld and real-time differential GPS units and incorporate those within GIS data viewers.