ASAP/ACE Services and Resources

Morrisville students smiling
  • Books and Supplies Assistance Awards: ASAP/ACE at SUNY Morrisville provides up to $150.00 per semester for student books and supplies through a direct aid award. This award can only be used for academics through the bookstore or applied to Brightspace fees for course materials added online.
  • Cost of Attendance Award: ASAP/ACE provides up to $275.00 per semester to help cover non-tuition mandatory fees for scholars attending the college. This award is directly added to your financial aid to lower your student loan amounts or cover outstanding balances.
ACE students Joey, Michael and Chris
  • Monthly Stipend: ASAP/ACE provides a monthly stipend of $50.00 dollars for scholars active in the program 4 times each semester (up to $200 per semester). This stipend is to help with any expenses that students may incur during their time at Morrisville.
  • Early Registration: ASAP/ACE scholars have access to early registration for classes. By registering early scholars can register for classes with limited barriers or difficulty.
  • Blocked Courses: ASAP/ACE scholars can sign up for ASAP/ACE-only introductory courses in general mathematics (MAGN), composition (COMP), and communication (COMM) to help build community and support among the cohort while fulfilling pre-requisites. Courses available will fluctuate based on demand and space.
  • Personal Advising/Small Group Support: In addition to your faculty advisor, ASAP/ACE students have a dedicated ASAP/ACE Success Coach to assist with academic, personal, and career development. Our team is well versed in various student support needs and typically has a background in higher education, advising, and student affairs. ASAP/ACE scholars will meet with an advisor several times during the semester so we can help you stay on track for graduation.
  • Tutoring: ASAP/ACE helps to fund additional tutoring resources to make sure ASAP/ACE scholars have access to the academic support they need in areas such as mathematics, writing, liberal arts, technology, and business. Tutors can be found through the Tutoring Services in the Library. Scholars are encouraged to contact the ASAP/ACE Office directly if they need a tutor who is not currently available.
  • Starfish: Starfish is the early alert student tracking system SUNY Morrisville uses to coordinate a network of campus professionals tasked with supporting our students personally and academically. ASAP/ACE uses this program to document student meetings and collaborate with other support services when students need help.