Working on Campus

The following information is relevant to current SUNY Morrisville students only. Employment opportunities for non-students are found on the college's Human Resources page.

Hundreds of SUNY Morrisville students gain valuable work experience and earn money for educational expenses in on-campus jobs through the college's Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Student Temp Services programs, and with Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC), which operates our dining halls, residential apartments, and other facilities. Details about the eligibility standards and application process for each follow.

On-campus positions are highly competitive, especially for first semester freshmen, so if you are interested in working, apply to multiple positions and as soon as positions open, and connect with Career Services for assistance. The majority of jobs are for a maximum of six to 10 hours a week to allow as many students as possible the opportunity to work.

Documents Required for Hiring

Federal law requires that you present proof of your identification and your authorization to work in the U.S. before you can begin a job. These documents must be originals and current; copies and expired documents cannot be accepted. Make sure to bring the following with you when you come to campus so you can start your job at the earliest date possible.

Required documentation to be set up on the payroll

Proof of identification: one of the following:

  • photo identification such as a SUNY Morrisville ID card, driver’s license, US Military card, or State or Federal ID card that includes a photo


Proof of work authorization: one of the following

  • Social Security card, original or certified copy of your birth certificate, US passport, Alien Registration Card, Native American Tribal Document, or Certification of Birth Abroad issued by the US Department of State

If you have already been on the SUNY Morrisville payroll under your current name and work authorization status, you do not have to resubmit the aforementioned documentation.

Direct Deposit option

You can have your paycheck deposited directly to a checking or savings account; otherwise, it will be sent to your home address. If you select direct deposit, you will need to provide a blank deposit slip for your account at the time of hire.

Payroll schedule

Federal Work-Study and Student Temp Service employees are paid every two weeks. There is a delay of up to five weeks in receiving your first paycheck after your start working, then a two-week lag time for subsequent pay periods.

Steps after accepting a position

Students accepting a Federal Work-Study or Student Temp Service position will meet with the hiring supervisor to sign an agreement and set a schedule, then with the Payroll/Human Resources Office (Brooks Hall, third floor) to submit the agreement and complete additional forms before beginning their job. (Click here to find Brooks Hall on the campus map). Returning employees will need to sign the agreement and meet with Payroll/Human Resources to confirm or update information on file. More details about completing those forms will be provided by our Payroll/Human Resources office.

Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC) employees will complete their information in the MAC Business Office (Hamilton Hall, first floor). Click here to find Hamilton Hall on the campus map.

Hiring Information for 2021-2022

Instructions for Finding On-Campus Jobs

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Jobs funded through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program are open only to students awarded FWS in their 2021/22 Financial Aid award letter. Click here for instructions on how to check your letter yourself to see if you were awarded it, or contact Financial Aid at

If you were awarded FWS, you will need to apply to, interview for, and be selected for a position. FWS jobs will be posted in Handshake, the college’s career management system, early to mid-August. Students with FWS awards will receive e-mails this summer about the FWS search and application processes and timelines.

FWS employees are paid for actual hours worked at a rate of $12.50/hour for Fall 2021 (Spring 2022 rate will be announced in October). The maximum number of hours weekly is six. Please note that unlike grants, loans, and scholarships, FWS awards cannot be credited towards outstanding balances due on your student bill.

Student Temp Service

Student Temp Service jobs are open to all students, but typically require a specific experience or skill, with a limited number having more general requirements. The pay rate is $12.50/hour for Fall 2021 semester, with the Spring 2022 rate to be determined in October. Student Temp Service jobs require an average commitment of six to ten hours a week and are usually for either a full semester or the academic year.

Student Temp Services jobs for 2020/21 will be posted in Handshake early to mid-August. After logging in, click on Jobs, then the On-campus tab. E-mail for more detailed instructions

Hiring for Resident Assistant (RA) positions in our residence halls is completed in the middle of the semester before the position would start (mid-October for Spring semester, mid-March for Fall semester). Any vacancies at the beginning of a semester will be posted in Handshake.

Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC)

MAC, which is related to the College, but a separate legal entity, hires for student support in Mustang Alley, Seneca Dining Hall, Smooth Jazzy Joz, Copper Turret Restaurant, and other service areas. MAC is the largest student employer on campus and offers the greatest number of weekend and evening hours.

Information about current job openings and the application process can be found through the Student Application link on their website. Only completed applications will be considered. Follow up should be done directly with MAC at their Hamilton Hall office or by calling 315.684.6047.

MAC Student Application