Strategic Plan

We have recently improved our procedures to both gather and analyze information attendant to evaluating our overall success in mission outcomes. These efforts help to inform improvements in both programs and policies. This is a sign of a maturing organization that is better prepared to meet challenges that lie ahead.

We are committed to the success of our students. Not only do we work hard to create a welcoming and affirming culture, but we strive to create supportive connections for all students to succeed. And when they encounter difficulties—and even before those difficulties arise—we want to anticipate how to overcome those challenges.

Morrisville is an institution with grit and determination. We meet the challenges of our time, while also individualizing education for students who have their sights on transforming the future. Our students, faculty and staff are unrelenting in their entrepreneurial pursuit of making a positive difference throughout New York communities. They form valuable partnerships that weave and reinforce the fabric of our economy and society.

Through challenges great and small, Morrisville's commitment to its mission has led both to adaptation and transformation as we chart a sustainable pathway for our future. The recent accomplishments and future priorities outlined in this updated document serve as testament to the success of Morrisville's mission as a catalyst for both student development and community growth.

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