Payment Policy Information

After scheduling classes, all students will be emailed a billing statement for tuition & fees with instructions for making payment.

SUNY Morrisville requires all students to accept their charges and settle their bill with the Student Accounts Office before the start of a new semester. If, during the first week of classes, you have not settled your bill with the Student Accounts Office, your schedule will be dropped (cancelled). If there is an outstanding balance that has not been settled, you will not be permitted to register for courses, or receive a transcript or diploma, until the bill has been settled (paid).

Students with outstanding balances will receive multiple emailed billing statements throughout each semester. Each billing statement will list the amount due in full by the due date (and will include an additional late fee of $50, if applicable) appearing on your statement. Any unpaid charges from the previous statement will be brought forward, and additional charges, payments, and credits will be shown.

If using financial aid, students must have proof of approved aid, waivers, or scholarships in order to properly defer payment. Without satisfactory evidence to defer, students are expected to pay charges up front and wait for reimbursement when the aid, waiver or scholarship funds are actually received.

Military Tuition Payment Information

While SUNY Morrisville does not offer a special rate for active or retired members of the military we do honor military benefits that will assist with the cost of education. Students with an agreement with the military concerning educational benefits may qualify for assistance with their educational costs. Please contact the Student Accounts Office with any questions related to payments or use of military benefits toward your bill.

Residence & Meal Plan Policies

Residence Policies

Once a student has occupied their room for one night, they are liable for one half (50%)of the semester dormitory charge. Once the room has been occupied in the ninth week, the Student is responsible for the full semester's charge (100%).

Meal Plan Policies

Students who withdraw from the college will be billed a prorated portion of the meal plan up to, and including, the last date of use (first five weeks of class).

Returned Checks

All checks returned by a bank due to insufficient funds will be assessed a $20.00 returned check charge. Payment must then be made in the form of a money order, certified check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

A $50.00 late payment fee will be assessed if the returned check was in payment of your semester charges.

We reserve the right to protest a returned check.