Submitting a Technology Services Ticket

Technology Services uses a ticketing system to assist with our incoming calls and emails from customers who need help, as well as managing our ongoing projects. The system is designed to list all incoming tickets and sort them depending on what category of service or assistance is needed. This gives our department the opportunity to organize workloads better, as well as better identify more problematic areas and priorities.

Some reasons why you may need to submit a ticket are:

  • Your computer isn’t running well, or you suspect it may have a virus.
  • You need equipment moved.
  • You need software installed.
  • You're experiencing an issue with a lab desktop.
  • You're experiencing a printer issue.
  • Classroom technology is not working.
  • Your laptop requires a warranty repair.
  • You want to request a change to your permissions.
  • You are experiencing a phone issue.
  • You have a Banner or form issue or request.

The system is called OTRS (Open Technology Real Services). It is a web-based system that lets a user submit a ticket via, and its simple interface makes creating a ticket very seamless. Once the ticket has been created in the system, it allows for more than one tech to view a ticket, which helps quicken response times.

An alternative way to submit a ticket is by sending an email to This will generate a ticket into this ticketing system for you without logging in via a web browser.

How to Submit a Ticket to Technology Services via

Creating a Ticket

To submit a ticket, open an internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and in the address bar type Log in with your Morrisville username and password. Navigate to the Tickets tab at the top left of the screen and hover over it. You will be presented with four options. Select New Ticket.

Select "New Ticket" under the "Tickets" tab

A new screen will open and you’ll have the ability to create a new ticket for the issue that you are experiencing. You'll also have the option to attach a picture/screenshot or document to the ticket to help describe your problem. (To take a screenshot, press the button on your keyboard labeled “PrtSc” or “Print Screen”).

Fill out the form to create a new ticket for the issue you are experiencing.

Shortly after the ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link in the body of the message that will allow you to check on the status of the ticket.

Viewing Your Tickets

When you’re at the main screen, you have the option to view any tickets that you have open or have closed, and you also have the ability to view all of your previously submitted tickets.

You may view tickets that you have previously submitted from the main screen.

Within the Tickets view, you’re able to see the State, Assigned Owner, Queue, Category and Age of the ticket(s). This helps you understand the status of your ticket. Each queue is sortable so you can better search for the ticket by owner or by the age of the ticket. To sort the column, simply click on the header and the information will rearrange.

The Tickets view will show you the State, Assigned Owner, Queue, Category and Age of your tickets.

If a ticket is closed and, at a future date, you happen to experience the same problem, select that ticket and simply reply to it. This will reopen the ticket with Technology Services and allows us to see the previous description of the problem - and you don’t have to create a new ticket.