Dining Services

We believe that providing great food at a great value to our campus community is the starting place. From there, we have provided dining spaces that are welcoming with environments that our students enjoy. Our involvement and interest for our students does not end with a meal; we are active in supporting their educational experience in addition to providing events that are just plain fun!

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Dining Services Manager
Assistant Manager BOH / ESF
Hospitality Services Manager
Assistant Manager - Mustang Alley
Lead Cashier
Dining Services Manager - Seneca
Senior Dining Services Manager - Mustang Alley
Chef Manager - Mustang Alley
Director of Dining Services
Dining Services Manager
Chef Manager - Seneca Dining Hall
Associate Director of Culinary Services
Associate Director of Dining Services
Stix Manager
Food Service Supervisor
Operations Support Manager - Seneca
Dining Services Manager
Senior Dining Services Manager - ESF