What is EOP?

Contact Information

Educational Opportunity Program

Phone: 315.684.6075

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) identifies prospective students who have a desire to attend college but lack the appropriate background for regular acceptance into their chosen programs of study.

Special admission procedures are followed to select students who have the potential to succeed in college but do not have the academic preparation or financial resources necessary to allow them admittance through regular procedures.

You will need to fill out the EOP Financial Information Form.

Services and Resources

EOP provides three areas of assistance to qualified students:

  • Financial Assistance - EOP students receive supplemental financial assistance to help cover the costs of books and supplies.
  • Counseling support - EOP students have counselors to help them make a positive transition into the college community and assist with personal and academic issues.
  • Academic Support - EOP students work with their counselors and with Tutoring Services staff to receive academic assistance to improve their chances for academic success.