Morrisville Esports Earth Day 2022 Minecraft Challenge

Event time - additional information

Noon - 3pm: Table in STUAC Lower-Level to get more information and invitation to the Minecraft server

4pm - midnight: Hosted stream of the Minecraft Challenge to raise money for the American Cancer Society on 

Event Location
STUAC Lower Level
Event Category
Student Activities
Public event
Type of Event

Morrisville Esports welcomes all participants to join them in tackling the changes we can make in real life to make the earth more sustainable by putting it into practice in Minecraft. Visitors to STUAC will receive an invite to a hosted Minecraft server where they can help to make the world a better place. The Morrisville Esports team members will be host-streamed from our Twitch channel: starting at 4pm until midnight to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Be sure to drop into the stream and donate!

Rules: Keep PG/E for everyone

No human reproductive/sexual talk and builds are allowed

No racists comments or builds allowed

Keep swearing at a minimum 

Challenges for players to complete/choose from:

  • Build a self-sufficient farm or house
  • Build something Earth Day themed
  • Build the biggest forest in the shortest amount of time
  • See how many wolves you can tame
  • Build the best tree house
  • Most breeding of an animal with self acquired materials (cows, pigs, sheep, chicken, cats, etc) (grow everything you need to breed i.e. wheat, fish, carrot etc.)
  • Build a hobbit hole inspired house
  • Build the most nature-friendly house
  • Vegetarian challenge- don’t kill your animals, only eat non meat sourced meals