SUNY Morrisville Esports (MES)

The purpose of this club shall be to facilitate competitive multiplayer gaming, create a community where all can come and play or watch, educate those who are interested in gaming, promote sportsmanship in gaming, and attend gaming related events.

Events and activities throughout the year include LAN parties, casual gaming, tournaments, discussion around game strategies, preferences and culture, and SUNY league competition. Some of the games actively pursued include: Among Us, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball FighterZ, Rocket League, FIFA, NBA2K, etc. Esports recruitment for League competition usually begins at the beginning of each semester.

Matches can be viewed by spectators at a live physical event or over the internet via streaming platforms such as Twitch, which broadcast the games in real time online. Announcements for events are made through SGO email flyers, the Moville_Gamers Twitter account, and Morrisville events pages.