Vote for Mo in SUNY Mascot Madness!

Vote for Mo in 2023 Mascot Madness
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It's that time of year again... Mascot Madness! Time to #VoteForMo and help Mo the Mustang take down defending champ Wolfie from Stony Brook University.


Who are you and where are you from?

I am Mo the Mustang Mascot from SUNY Morrisville. I am saddled with happiness to be competing in Mascot Madness again. #MustangProud

How long have you been doing this mascot thing?

It’s been a stable career since 2020.

What is your offseason training composed of?

I rein in a lot of hours at our new student recreation center, playing basketball, pickle ball and archery tag with students. You can also find me at our equine rehabilitation center, walking and getting conditioned in our underwater treadmill.  

What is your favorite unique course to take at your school?

MOssage Therapy

What New York landmark would you love to see be the host of your school’s next big game?

The Coliseum at the Great New York State Fair. It is also where our Belgian Hitch competes.

Which of your school’s alumni would be the best sidekick to your mascot duties?

Sharp Humor, who competed in the Kentucky Derby! Our students trained him during a portion of his career.

One song to make an entrance to – what is it (and why)?

“Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen because it follows the mission and the energy of the college. Mustangs have a lot of spirit, you know! And they are known to withstand!