SUNY Advancing Completion through Engagement (ACE) Program

Introduction to ACE

Advancing Completion through Engagement (ACE) at SUNY Morrisville is a comprehensive program designed to help students complete their academic journey to a bachelor’s degree within two years (transfer) or four years (freshmen). ACE provides a range of financial, academic, and personal support, including intensive academic advisement and career counseling, as well as cost of attendance and textbook scholarships with a monthly financial stipend

Morrisville Students

ACE Benefits

  • Cost of Attendance Award (up to $550/year) after financial aid has been applied
  • Textbook/Supplies assistance up to $150 per semester Fall/Spring (up to $300/year)
  • Monthly Stipend ($50/month - Up to $400/year)
  • ACE Advisor
  • Early course registration
  • Blocked Courses (Developmental and First-Year Experience)
  • Career development & academic support
  • Dedicated study/tutoring sessions
Morrisville Students

ACE Entry Eligibility

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen (NYS DREAM Act students also eligible)
  • Be a NYS Resident or eligible for in-state (NY) tuition
  • Meet SUNY Morrisville Undergraduate Admissions requirements
  • Entering students must be first-time students, excluding any credits earned while in high school
  • Enroll full-time (minimum 15 credits per semester)
  • Complete a FAFSA and NYS TAP application every year and accept all federal and state grant aid offered
  • If a transfer student, have earned no more than 15 credit hours, or have an earned associate degree
  • High School GPA 2.0 (73) to enter program
  • Be Pell eligible and receive at least $1 of Pell aid at point of enrollment (students in the process of completing financial aid may be conditionally accepted into the program) 
  • Agree to participate in all required program activities
  • Not enrolled in an educational opportunity program (EOP)
  • No more than 2 Developmental/Remedial courses required (example SKLS 091)

Expectation Criteria to Maintain Eligibility Once Accepted into the Program

  • Adhere to all ACE program requirements
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 throughout your time at SUNY Morrisville
  • Be committed to graduating from SUNY Morrisville within four (4 ) years by taking 30 credit hours each year (includes winter and summer terms)
  • Remain enrolled as a full-time matriculating student pursuing a bachelor’s degree
  • Meet with ACE Advisor at min. two times a semester – or based on tier (Black, Green, Yellow)
  • Participate in ACE identified sessions and engagement activities, such as community/building and study-skills sessions, at least three times a semester
  • Participate in 1-2 Career discovery sessions per semester and follow the Career exploration/Career Development pathway

The SUNY Morrisville Advancing Completion through Engagement (ACE) program is part of the SUNY replication of the City University of New York (CUNY) Accelerate Complete and Engage (ACE) program.