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The Networking Lab or NetLab is used mostly by network administration students. It is equipped with three racks of equipment from vendors including Cisco, Dell, Palo Alto, and SonicWall. The lab includes switches, routers, firewalls, and storage for hands-on experience with today’s advanced equipment. This lab also houses VMware vCenter which is used for hands-on instruction of modern server-centric information technology systems.


Computer with code
Making business work. Software developers know how to make it work for the bottom line. If that’s where your passion lies, the SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in information technology: application software development will give you the skills you need to enter the profession.
Student troubleshooting a computer system
All systems go. Technical support is the backbone of any modern business, and it requires skilled IT professionals to build and maintain it. In the SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree program in information technology: end-user support, we prepare you to create, maintain and troubleshoot computer systems so an organization’s employees find them easy to use and available at all times.
Student working on a server
Keeping businesses connected. Now more than ever, companies need skilled network administrators to prepare and maintain an increasingly complicated system of networks that keep businesses running. In the SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree program in network administration, you will work with the latest versions of cloud-based networks, virtual private networks, intranets and the internet.
Close up of a student with a tiny circuit board
The creation and management of computer information systems is at the heart of any thriving business. In the SUNY Morrisville Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program in computer information systems, you develop the skills needed to employ information systems that helps organizations thrive and grow.
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Current students majoring in this program are currently completing their course of study. Moving forward, content from this program has been transitioned to the closely associated Computer Information Systems A.A.S. program and interested students are strongly encouraged to explore that option. Boot up your career.