Eric H. Diefenbacher

I am an organismal biologist with a background in regenerative/developmental biology, ecology, and natural history specializing in herpetology. I teach most of the biology and chemistry classes at the Norwich Campus along with some classes at the Morrisville main campus. As a practitioner in applied learning for more than 10 years, I enjoy and utilize research in my classes to enhance regular course work both during lecture and labs. I operate an undergraduate research lab whereby students can further their resume by taking part in a wide variety of projects and get college credit for doing so. Projects have ranged from salamander assemblages, aquatic drone efficacy in turtle surveillance, helping local entrepreneurs create better fungus growing kits for educators nationwide, aquatic system health and monitoring, and many more that have received local and state level recognition. Students in my lab have published in scientific journals and received presentation awards at several local and state-wide research conferences.

Additionally, I collaborate with local environmental agencies, non-profit organizations, school districts, and teachers to enhance educational delivery on a wide range of biological topics. I always look forward to collaborations, so if you have an idea, feel free to contact me.