Scott Colby, Ph.D.

Scott Colby is an Assistant Professor of Agribusiness at SUNY Morrisville. Dr. Colby’s research spans food consumer behavior, food marketing, agricultural economics, food distribution, housing economics, and environmental economics. His projects often involve developing and applying economic theory and econometrics to “big data.” He has made contributions to the understanding of the interplay between consumers’ food environments, food demand, and ultimately nutrition & health. At Morrisville, students join Dr. Colby in developing food brands in a food processing incubator facility that are then sold in stores. In 2020, Dr. Colby mentored Candidus in the Grow NY competition where they won $250,000. He is currently developing a Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness (FAB) at Morrisville. Prof Colby holds a PhD in Economics from Washington State University.