Clarifying Restricted Movement

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5:00 p.m.
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Whenever a residence hall has shown the presence of the virus, we have followed up with a precautionary quarantine or “restricted movement” to limit residential students from potentially spreading the virus until we have had an opportunity to conduct pooled saliva testing and have those results returned.

We are clarifying what restricted movement means. The intent is for it to be advisory and voluntary for students, so they can make the best choices for their health, safety and education. Students who choose to restrict their movement help all of the campus limit potential exposure, and faculty must make suitable accommodations.

During a period of restricted movement, students in designated residence halls:

  • should stay in their rooms as much as possible, limiting potential physical exposure to others
  • where possible, are allowed to make alternative arrangements for classes and work to be completed remotely (they can also choose to attend)
  • must properly wear face coverings (masks) when leaving the room, including to use bathrooms
  • can pick up takeout-only food from Dining Services
  • can be outdoors, with masks, within campus boundaries
  • not be with more than one or two other people, outdoors only, and must remain at least six feet apart (if you can reach other by both reaching out your arms, you are too close)