Community Statement

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11:20 a.m.
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We are aware of concern among our neighbors in Morrisville about students returning to campus in the midst of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

More than 90 percent of our students have returned home and will not be coming back to campus. The few students who are here currently remained through spring break, which began two weeks ago.

The few students who are returning have been directed to return on Monday only, during select time windows and while adhering to strict guidelines to reduce any chance of exposure. These students will immediately move into single rooms and agree to observe rigid social distancing and hygiene protocol or they will be asked to leave.

To remain on campus, students had to demonstrate they had no other suitable location to go, home or otherwise. SUNY Morrisville is the only safe place available to them to complete their remote learning. Even though they are on campus, they will be doing their studies from their rooms.

All of this is in order with the directives and recommendations of Madison County Public Health Department, the NYS Health Department, SUNY system administration and the Governor.

No facilities on campus will be available to students for recreation or gathering. All of their meals will be provided as takeout only.

We encourage our students, as with all residents of Morrisville, to observe the standards of social distancing, good hygiene and remaining home or indoors away from other people, especially if they have underlying health issues that compromise their immune system. We have recommended short solo walks for exercise and to keep distance from others when they are not in their residence hall.

We are all fearful at a time like this. We are doing everything possible to discourage students from being on campus, and to restrict the movements of those who must remain because they have nowhere else to go. We all deserve safe places to live, and we can do that for each other by observing these rules and supporting efforts to promote individual, as well as community, responsibility.