COVID-19 Updates for Employees

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4:34 p.m.
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Welcome back after our extended spring break, though the circumstances are certainly much different than any of us might have anticipated at the beginning of the semester. As students, faculty and staff adjust to distance learning, there are a few announcements we want to share with all employees.

NY on PAUSE extended to April 15

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced all NYS On PAUSE functions will be extended through Wednesday, April 15. The state’s nonessential workforce will continue to work from home until the state re-evaluates after this additional two-week period.

Essential employees continue to be defined as anyone whose job function is essential to the effective operation of their agency or authority, or who must be physically present to perform their job, or who is involved in the COVID-19 emergency response. On SUNY campuses, essential staff also includes individuals who are currently providing a vital service for students who returned to campus and are undergoing distance learning.

Nonessential employees are defined as anyone who does not need to be physically present to perform job functions, or who are not required to meet the core function and programs of an agency during this emergency response.

All Faculty and Staff Meeting

President Rogers will conduct the March meeting of all faculty and staff via video on Tuesday, March 31, at 1 p.m. The video stream is anticipated to be brief. A link or invitation will be sent to all faculty and staff on Tuesday morning.

Students on Campus

Less than 10 percent of the students who typically reside on campus are now here. The students who remain or have returned to campus are those who had no other suitable housing options to complete their studies this semester via distance learning. They number little more than 100 (numbers are still finalizing, but are not expected to change much). They are expected to abide by the same social distancing and hygiene measures all of us have been asked to observe as we seek to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Mental Health Resources

We recognize the impact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, along with social distancing, can have on the mental and physical health of everyone, including faculty and staff. Please be aware of the services that are available and reach out to those designed to help.

Remember Swipe Cards and Keys for Access on Campus

Anyone returning to campus for a specific purpose or task may do so, if they have made arrangements ahead of time and done all possible to complete the work remotely. Most facilities on campus are now locked and require key or card access to enter. When returning, employees must bring their keys and swipe cards to access buildings and rooms as Facilities and University Police personnel are currently limited and otherwise occupied.

Air Compressors Turned Off

All general air compressors on campus have been shut down while staff are out. Those with a specific need for them to be turned back on can contact Facilities at 315.684.6065.